Migration Agent Agreement

Your agent must return all documents that belong to you within seven days. However, if your agent is a lawyer, he can claim a pledge (a form of guarantee for an item until a debt is paid) for the unpaid fees you must pay. Resolve disputes with your agent Talk to your agent about how long it might take and what steps you`ll take to let you know what you can expect. The company is an automated website recommendation service only with regard to immigration, your contract is directly with the agent registered in your destination country who sends you their terms of engagement. Please read them carefully and, if necessary, seek advice, regardless of that. Please note that we are a specialized private online referral portal and not the government and that our online referral service is free. Our employees may charge a fee for selected services. For more information on government websites, see border.gov.au (Australia), cic.gc.ca (Canada), immigration.govt.nz (New Zealand) and the relevant regulatory authorities mara.gov.au (Australia), iccrc-crcic.ca (Canada), iaa.govt.nz (New Zealand). Our assessment of the “Quick Check” recommendation is intended to provide potential clients with a simple and free way to obtain a general indication of their eligibility for relocation or recruitment recommendations, or free referral to a formally recognized migration manager, resolution advisory services or other services. In the following examples of conflict of interest, the agent puts his own interest (earning money) above his client`s best: you have the right to recover the money you paid in advance for the service fees that your agent did not provide. Once your application is submitted, your agent may be asked to provide additional information to these organizations until a specific date.

If this is not the case in time, your application may be rejected. You need to react quickly if your agent asks you for information or documents. By contacting us in one way or another, By filling out one of our forms online or sending us instructions at every step, you agree to our corporate policy that specific immigration advice be made available and accepted and implemented by you only if it is in writing and signed by the IAA New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisors / MARA Australia Registered Immigration Agents/ ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and/or Law. (For more details on these independent agents and codes of conduct, visit our official electronic registration website). It will allow our system to automatically assess the suitability of potential customers to move on to the next phase; a free referral to an officially recognized migration manager (as noted above) or to an investment and relocation advisory service and other services. If your agent discovers that he or she has a conflict of interest at any time while representing you, he or she must tell you immediately that he can no longer work for you. TERM OF AGREEMENT: The duration of the relationship begins with filling out the free recommendation or registration form and ends (except to remain in our contact database) if the reply email containing contact information from independent partners reporting or licensed or registered lawyers (separate companies) or at the time of email/phone/personal contact is sent directly by these partners with you. The independent partner`s “terms of engagement” will apply from that date and will request them to make them available to you.

It is a confirmation of your understanding and acceptance of this agreement. Your agent must inform you in writing of the status of your application.