Red Deer Catholic Schools Collective Agreement

9.1.3 Boards of directors and/or schools are not prevented from developing their own human resources development plan, to which the board of directors and/or school may require the participation of teachers. On May 26, 2020, the Alberta Teachers` Association and red Deer Catholic Regional Schools entered into a collective agreement for the period 2018-2020. Johnston said Red Deer Catholic teachers have been working without a collective agreement for more than two and a half years and that they are one of 13 lawyers who have not reached an agreement for the 2016-2018 period. b) TEBA and the association may agree to proceed with an arbitration board composed of a single arbitrator instead of a three-member arbitration board. In this case, the TEBA and the Association will appoint, within 15 days of operation, a person acting as a single arbitrator after the agreement reached with a single arbitrator. If it is not possible to agree on the person as a single arbitrator, each party may request in writing that the Director of Mediation Services indicate the required appointment. szielinski@reddeeradvocate.comLike us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter 1.4 “general salary increase” means a percentage pay increase applied for all stages of all the grids of a settlement agreement. (2) Exclusions: Notwithstanding the clause (1), workers with the following names are excluded from this agreement: 1.6 “flat payment” refers to a single payment that is consistent with other one-time payments sometimes called signing bonuses. The “flat payment” does not explicitly include the continuation or extension of the lump sum payments currently provided for in existing transaction agreements between boards of directors and unions, which are listed in point 1.1 of this letter.

(d) The paragraphs in which the agreement is allegedly violated. 2.7.1 The association and TEBA may at any time agree to negotiate revisions to the central points of the collective agreement. These changes will come into effect from the date the association and TEBA agree. 2. If a general salary increase (s) for a transaction agreement in one of the first years (September 1, 2016 until September 31, 2016). August 2017) or second year (September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018) more than 0%, the general salary increase (s) negotiated under this transaction agreement is applied to the salary schedule, administrative allowances and the daily salary of collective agreements with the association during the first or second year and applies on the same day as stipulated in the transaction agreement.