What Did The Helsinki Agreements Achieve

– promote a more accurate assessment of the problems of comparison and equivalence of university diplomas and diplomas by promoting the exchange of information on the organisation, duration and content of studies, comparing methods of assessing levels of knowledge and academic qualifications and, where possible, mutual recognition of diplomas and diplomas, if necessary by government agreements , or direct agreements between universities and other research institutions; Recognize the importance of bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements and other agreements for the long-term development of trade; Publish articles in appropriate journals to promote key achievements and innovations among participating states and compare them to participating states; – explore the issue of possible agreements on the framework for multilateral youth cooperation by their youth organisations; They confirm that governments, institutions, organizations and individuals must play a relevant and positive role in achieving these cooperation goals. – facilitate travel between participating states by scientists, teachers and students for study, teaching and research, as well as to improve knowledge of each other`s pedagogical, cultural and scientific outcomes, According to Cold War scholar John Lewis Gaddis, in his book The Cold War: A New History (2005), “Leonid Brezhnev looked forward , remembers Anatoly Dobrynin, about the “audience he was going to win… When The Soviet public learned of the definitive colonization of the post-war borders, for which it had sacrificed so much”… “[Instead, the Helsinki Accords] have gradually become a manifesto of the dissident and liberal movement” … This meant that people who lived under these systems – at least the bravest – could claim official permission to say what they thought. [15] (a) the development of the mutual exchange of information with a view to a better knowledge of the respective cultural achievements, – the promotion of people who end with direct contacts and communications in the fields of education and science, “including those based on specific agreements or agreements, if they are appropriate. – the promotion of direct contacts and communications between people engaged in cultural activities, including, if necessary, contacts and communications made on the basis of specific agreements. and agreements. Participating States recognize the interest of all in efforts to mitigate military confrontation and promote disarmament, which are intended to complement and enhance political détente in Europe. They are convinced of the need to take effective measures in these areas, which, by their magnitude and nature, should be steps towards the definitive achievement of a general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control, and which should lead to the strengthening of peace and security throughout the world. research on the electrochemistry and chemistry problems of polymers, scientific products and metals and alloys, as well as the development of improved chemical technologies, including material processing; Practical application of the latest chemical achievements to industry, construction and other economic sectors; believe that the problems that arise bilaterally from the migration of workers in Europe and between the participating States should be dealt with by the parties directly concerned in order to resolve them in the mutual interest, in the light of the concerns of each State, in the light of the needs arising from its socio-economic situation. , recalling the obligation of each state to respect the bilateral and multilateral agreements to which it belongs and taking into account the following objectives: reaffirming that such cooperation can be developed and implemented bilaterally and multilaterally at state and non-governmental levels, for example, through .B intergovernmental and other agreements, international programmes, cooperation projects and trade channels.

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