Riw Card Acceptance Agreement Form

New employees receive an orange RSW card when checking in: IMPORTANT: This process requires a lot of work for office staff, requires extreme attention to detail and is almost always critical in time. And because it often takes you two weeks for you to give your employer your RIW and Cat 3 Medical course certificate to actually be able to work on site, there is little room for errors. You can help your employer by providing only up-to-date personal data and being readily available when they call you or send an email. Keep in mind that this process does not cover company/site/project-specific inductions. Below is information on Pegasus` transition from RIW management to RSW program management in June 2019. For more information about the RIW system, see riw.net.au. MTA card. The blue and white ID card used by railway workers to reach railway infrastructure. This acronym means Metro Trains Australia and replaces the old green and white RIW card. If you intend to carry out rail safety work for Queensland Rail or if the work you have entrusted (which cannot be rail safety work) enters the rail corridor on behalf of Queensland Rail, you must apply for a RIW card. In addition to the normal Tier One EPI, you must wear rail-specific EPIs in the form of a RIW T-shirt and a colorful hard hat. This is a long-sleeved t-shirt with high sleeves with a reflective X at the back in 50mm silver ribbon.

The strips should be sewing and not hindering. Long pants are to be worn with a hard white hat [not yellow, because this color is reserved for P.O., not orange, because it is for direct railway personnel, it is not blue, because this color is worn by Denern and not pink, as is for Spotter] and each PSA especially for your task. Please read this PDF for more information on the differences between RIW and RSW. Employees can continue to use the RIW green card to access Pegasus RSW websites (you have received Pegasus stickers to cover the RIW and ARA logos): if you are a registered Pegasus user, select s.A. to find the system. If you have an account in the old De Pegasus RIW system, you can use this data to log in and find your employees in the RSW system. The map is read by the kiosks, tablets, turnstiles and portals of Pegasus. Workers will not see any change in their past experiences — they will simply wipe another card.